First basics of teamplay, part 2

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First basics of teamplay, part 2 Empty First basics of teamplay, part 2

Post by Merli on Sun 25 Nov - 5:20

1st battleplans

First basics of teamplay, part 2 Battle15

Zones Explanation

Fontal filters
The Frontal filters zone is a zone of very high control skills. It is very important to maintain the zone under control PERMANENTLY to filter the (mass? of) incoming ennemies, restrain their movements so they have difficulty to move alltogether and make it easier for our frontline to shot them down one by one.
Those moves can just be there also to intimidate and prevent the oppenent from coming (or if they want to jump into it it is even better).
Some skills can remove ground control skills instantly, but we just have then to refresh them instantly. Control skills, even if active for just 1second, ARE useful. The role is just to weaken the incoming ennemies.

Refreshable ground skills for Frontal filters zone
- Private work -

Danger zone
The danger zone. Any enemy in this zone is representing a greater threat to us as he is able to use closer+range skills. Targets in this zone must be dealt with in priority.

Land Protector Zone
Any person entering the Land Protector Zone must not survive more than 2 seconds. Having an oppenent in our LP zone that has no Gap closer skill (Snap, Flying Kick, Front slide) is something that we must do our best to not allow.
As it is a zone of range 0, we can use our own 0 range control/killermoves to clear the zone as fast as possible.


Please remind that Cursed circle is a 7x7 Aoe skill so we MUST have key chars spread 8 cells away from each other (in the picture for example, spread vertically).

As I said also in the 1st part of basic gameplay, positionning is based on the distance with the ennemy: the range factor.
The caption is: R for range and the number after + is the range given by the AoE.

Following is a list skills available at given range and that we must make the best combination of. I will not explain everything in detail but please note that I made decisions based on study of every skill of the game.

It is far from final, as the more we are, the greater the possibilities will be to balance Control/DPS/Burst/Support.

It is just a work for this incoming first siege. I will also not write every specifics about every class, because I would need to write a book just now for a first siege.

If you want to take part in the discussions about which decisions are best, you would love to join Zenith as to work for perfection is our objective

I'm writing compositions of front line, but not every member of the said class must play front line.

Also, a formation can last only a very few seconds, as we have to adapt extremely quickly given the circumstances. Everything can happen extremely fast, and the first seconds are very important.

- Private work -

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